Fair-Trade, Organic Baby Clothes on Sale at VannyBean.com

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Indulge a newborn with a gift from the "virtual sale rack" at VannyBean.com, featuring Speeses Designs among other eco-friendly designers for Organic Baby. VannyBean Baby Organics loves Speesees bright colors, unique designs and buttery soft organic cotton that are made with the ultimate eco-conscious ethics. Wrapped in a bio-degradable package, the clothing is made with "Speesees Ingredients"-organic cotton, low-impact dye pigment, pvc-free prints nickel-free snaps, no formaldehyde, no dioxin and lots of love. Speesees cotton is 100% skal-certified organic, which means no pesticides or chemical fertilizers have been used in its cultivation.


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Visit VannyBean.com and view these items among other sale items such as baby slings, eco-friendly baby shoes and more.  Also, enjoy free shipping for all on-sale purchases for  a limited time only.

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