Farewell, My Subaru is a Motivational and Humorous Take on the Sustainable Epic Adventure of Doug Fine in New Mexico

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Entertaining and motivational, Farewell, My Subaru is the epic adventure of Doug Fine in local living without electricity, plumbing, and more. A quick and easy read about Fine's life on a “sprawling, crumbling, forty-one acre New Mexico spread,” Farewell, My Subaru is full of humor, recipes, and helpful information about his life off-grid. Chances are once you open it, you won't be able to put it down until you are finished. “Fine is an eco-hero for our time,” says The Miami Herald about the journalist who loves his technology, but wants it powered by solar or something more sustainable.


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Farewell, My Subaru


Excerpt:”Epiphany in the desert Southwest is not subtle. Almost nothing in this stark, gorgeous ecosystem is. I moved several thousand miles from my place of birth in order to kick fossil fuels and live locally. Three days later, MY CAR WAS LITERALLY RUNNING AWAY FROM ME. This is how lessons are taught in a place where even sitting down means a possible impaling. I figured I would forge success from astonishing, seemingly irrevocable defeat, you know, like Al Gore.”



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