FIM’s New Electric Motorcycle Racing Series Will Get Underway in 2010

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The public is giving more attention to electric motorcycles; therefore, the motorcycle companies are jumping right in after. It makes good business sense, especially with the recent success of the electric TTXGP earlier this month. Profits will be made and public interest is there. It’s a wonderful stepping stone to get this eco-friendly endeavor set on the fast track. The development of electric technology for motorcycles will leap ahead with so many competitors from all over the world. The Fédération Internationale de Motorcyclisme (FIM) announced that in the 2010 season we can expect the new Electric Motorcycle Racing Series. The new FIM Series is planned to run inside the Road Racing Grand Prix Commission, led by Mr. Azhar Hussain.

“No matter how much the government tries to encourage green transportation, the true success or failure of any green venture lies in its ability to be marketed to the masses.” Christopher DeMorro (

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