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If you are anything like me, you love chocolate. There are many options and varieties on the market, but the trick is to find something made from sustainable sources. With cacao growing best in the shade and the rainforest being cut down rapidly it's easier said than done. Unless you know about Endangered Species Chocolate.

In addition to offering certified organic chocolate, they source their cacao from sustainable farming and ensure fair wages for the cacao farmers as part of their ethical trade criteria. 

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Endangered Species Chocolate ​Review

Endangered Species Chocolate All-Natural Extreme Dark Chocolate, Black PantherAt first glance, the Endangered Species Chocolate bars don't look like the typical chocolate bar. They feature photographs of endangered species around the world. The animal represents a specific flavor, like a Black Panther on one of their most popular the All-Natural Extreme Dark Chocolate with an astonishing 88% cocoa content! Now that's dark.

I enjoy feeling good about choosing this chocolate in that I'm helping endangered animals at the same time. Deciding on a different company, even for the same products, can make such a difference. It's a nice little extra happy thought when I'm indulging.

Another thing I really like is their choice of ingredients, like organic dried cane syrup and unbleached water filtered beet sugar. What other chocolate has that? I had never heard of unbleached water filtered beet sugar before. It's different and it's natural. 

They also really spice up their flavor combinations with healthy and exotic ingredients. Take three of the Endangered Species Organic Dark Chocolate bars; with (1) Cacao Nibs, Yacon and Acai, (2) Goji Berry, Pecans and Maca, and (3) Golden Berry and Lucuma. It really makes me want to try every flavor as they are such unique combinations.

I must say I really want to try the Extreme Dark Chocolate, as dark chocolate is my personal favorite. I didn't see it at my local grocery store so I picked up the Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut Toffee and Dark Chocolate with Espresso Beans. And they'll be eaten reviewed later.

At the moment it seems that if you love chocolate and you have an adventurous palette, this is the chocolate for you. Here's some more information about Endangered Species Chocolate.

On their website:

​100% Ethically Traded. We buy our cacao from small-family owned properties, helping sustain the habitats and communities in which they exist.

  • ​Certified Gluten-Free (​by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization)
  • Non-GMO verified (​only certified organic chocolates currently)

Endangered Species Chocolate logo

Endangered Species Chocolate Nutritional Facts

From all-natural chocolate bars to organic chocolate bars to seasonal chocolate confections there are many options available. Here are the nutritional facts for the two simplest 3 ounce chocolate bars; organic milk chocolate and organic dark chocolate.

DID YOU KNOW? Chocolates containing higher amounts of cocoa have added health benefits from antioxidants. It also gives the chocolate a more intense bold flavor.

Information from the website:

3 oz Organic Milk Chocolate Bar (43% Cocoa Content)

3 oz Organic Milk Chocolate Bar (43% Cocoa Content)

​Ingredients: organic milk chocolate (organic dried cane syrup, organic cocoa butter, organic chocolate liquor, organic milk powder, organic soy lecithin, organic vanilla)


3 oz Organic Dark Chocolate Bar (70% Cocoa Content)

3 oz Organic Dark Chocolate Bar (70% Cocoa Content)

Ingredients​organic dark chocolate (organic chocolate liquor, organic dried cane syrup, organic cocoa butter, organic soy lecithin, organic vanilla)


Chocolate Bar ​Allergens

Endangered Species Chocolate bars contain milk and soy. They are produced on equipment that also processes peanuts and tree nuts. Even though equipment is sanitized between flavors there is still the possibility of allergens. Use your best judgment.

Get Endangered Species Chocolate Coupons

Currently there are no coupons listed. However, you can join their email list to receive coupon codes, discounts and other special promotions.

We did find coupons listed at RetailMeNot and Tjoos.

Retail Me Not featured 2 coupon codes with a 50% success rate:

  • WEDDING15 (15% off Wedding Chocolates)
  • bugsum20 (20% off Bug Bites and Chimp Mint)

Tjoos also featured the "wedding15" coupon.

Test them out, it couldn't hurt and might save you some money.

​Buy Endangered Species Chocolate, Save a Species

In an effort to help endangered animal species and their natural habitats around the world Endangered Species chocolate donates 10% of their net profits through their Endangered Species Chocolate Foundation. Try one of their most popular, the Organic Milk Chocolate bar (48% cocoa content) to help with the plight of the lions or the All-Natural Extreme Dark Chocolate bar (88% cocoa content) to help with the plight of the black panthers.

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