Four Fun Eco Friendly Summer Activities for Your Kids

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Four Fun Eco Friendly Summer Activities for Your Kids

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Most kids love summer and the chance to be free from school. It is a great time to teach your children activities that will help them be eco-friendly. These are fun summer activities that you can do with your children without worrying about impacting the environment. These activities will help your kids connect with the earth and have fun doing it.

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Grow Your Own Garden

One great activity for your summer is to grow your own vegetable garden. This activity allows your children to see where food comes from. A great sense of satisfaction comes from eating the food you have grown yourself. If you have a yard, you may want to portion out a small section of it for the garden. There are some great books about gardening naturally. You can also set up your own composting pile, which will help reduce your waste and allow you to use natural fertilizer for your food. This also gives you more control over the food you are eating. If you do not have a yard, you can do container gardening instead. In container gardening you will plant your garden in containers, you keep on your porch, balcony or deck.

Nature Walks

Another great activity is to take your children to a nature preserve and take them on a scavenger hunt to find specific plants and animals in the preserve. Often there is a nature center you can visit to find examples before you go on the walk. Make a list and check off each item as you find it. Pack in your own water and snacks and teach your children to pack out any waste that you have. This is a great way to help your children feel comfortable with nature and to recognize the wildlife in your area.

Camping Trip

A short camping trip is a great eco-friendly activity. It is a great way to really connect with nature. It also gives you the opportunity to show your children how to camp responsibly and to treat nature well. You can gain a lot of peace from the time you spend outside, sleeping out of doors and relaxing in nature. You can plan a short weekend trip or a weeklong camping trip. You may be able to camp fairly close to home. Most children look back at camping trips with fond memories, and it is a fairly inexpensive vacation. If you do not own a tent you may be able to rent one if you cannot afford to buy one.

Park Clean Up

Another great eco-friendly activity is to participate in a local park clean up. This activity serves two purposes. First you will work together to help maintain a great green space that your children will use. It gives them a sense of ownership of the space. The second is that it shows your children the benefit of participating in community service. You can organize your own group to go into a park after contacting your city for permission or you may join a group that is already doing this. You will want to be safe when cleaning up and have the children wear gloves and only pick up paper trash. You may have them focusing on painting or planting a flower garden if you are worried about finding dangerous trash in the area.

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