Free Computer Software Granola Could Save You Up to 30% Off Your Energy Use

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Save up to 30% of your PCs energy with Granola.Cut your PC's energy use by up to 30% with Granola, a free software program launched in January. In an effort to help cut the energy wasted by computers in a sifnificant way, Granola works with x86 platforms on servers, laptops and desktops that run Linux or Windows.

Without affecting performance, this free software can save you up to 30% on your energy usage. By scaling down the power your PC needs when you are reading a website or word processor, it's like "dimmer switch." And yet when you need the full CPU power the software allows more power.

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Making more computers energy efficient without slowing down has never been safer or easier to use. Did you know there are over a billion personal computers (PCs) in the world? If each of these computers were to run Granola and reduced their power consumption by only 10%, it would be like taking 7 million cars off the road. Or you can think of it as planting 900 million trees. Or turning off 65 coal power plants.

Key Features

  • Little to No Maintenance
  • User-Level Reporting of Energy Savings without Additional Hardware Required
  • Energy Savings without Compromising Performance and Availability
  • Installation Takes Less than 5 Minutes on Average

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