Fun Find: Water Powered Clock at Think Geek

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We stumbled across this fun find over at Think Geek. You won't need batteries or electricity to know the time any more. Here is a clock that is powered by water! It actually will work with any liquid, including beer or coffee.

The power of science and the beauty of engineering combine to form a sleek clock for the modern family. It is a great introduction to science for the kids and even has room for a flower.

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At under $15 this Water Powered Clock is a great gift idea.

Translucent Blue Water Powered Clock at Think Gee

From Think Geek:


The Future is Available Today!

The water clock will display the time and date in clear easy to read numbers just moments after you fill the liquid reservoirs in the back with the liquid of your choice. We've had ours running for weeks so far and the water levels have barely descended and we haven't had to refill it at all.

The internal converter simply extracts electrons from water (or other liquid) molecules and provides a steady stream of electrical current acting as a fuel cell to generate power to the clock.

Attractively packaged with translucent blue siding and a mirrored front. You can even use the water reservoirs on the back to hold flowers! But guess what? Flowers aren't included! Neither are batteries! Neither is the water! Sad? Here, giving you the dimensions should make you happier: 6" x 4" x 2 1/2". Now buy one.


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