Get on Your Feet to Go Green

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Get on Your Feet to Go Green

This guest post is by Felicia Baratz-Savage of Eat Breathe Blog.

Eco-friendly vehicles are all the rage these days, with gas mileage prominently featured in advertisements for nearly all cars. Many people consider the environment as they make their purchasing decisions, which is definitely a good start. But perhaps one of the best ways to go green with transportation is to use your feet — literally. Walking, jogging or running to nearby locations is a great way to do your part to protect the environment.

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Top benefits of walking or running

Getting on your feet instead of into a vehicle has several benefits, not only for the environment, but for yourself as well. Consider some of these, which add up to make a strong case for ditching your vehicle.

  • Walking and running are great for your heart, strengthening the muscles over time and decreasing the risk of heart problems later on.  Adding just 20 minutes of walking or jogging to your day can have a big impact on your health, particularly if you don’t get any other exercise. If you walk to and from the grocery store, you’ll get a good upper body workout as you carry your food back home.
  • Although public transportation can get you places and many buses are switching to hybrid models, they still pollute the environment. You also have to budget for the cost of bus passes, which can add up if you take the bus every day. Try walking or running to nearby destinations to save in more than one way.
  • Many households have two vehicles. You and your spouse can cut back to one car if you relied on your feet a little more. Consider carpooling to work with your loved one and walking to your workplace from there if it’s close enough. Stay-at-home parents can often find plenty of fun activities for the whole family within walking distance, so they won’t need their own vehicle.
  • Making your own footprints on the sidewalk will ultimately reduce your carbon footprint. Every time you walk instead of using a vehicle, you’re reducing the amount of fuel that you burn and making the planet a healthier place to be.

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Start small: Ways to incorporate walking into your routine

It can be a huge change to suddenly start walking or running everywhere, but there are plenty of ways to start small and work your way up to more foot-centric transportation:

  • Get yourself some workout clothes and shoes so you stay comfortable and injury-free as you run around town. Your breathable workout clothes will keep you cool and prevent your nicer clothes from getting sweaty. A good pair of Nike running shoes will support your feet and keep you from scuffing up your more formal footwear.
  • Make a list of places you frequent that are located within one mile of your home, such as a neighborhood grocery, the drugstore or the post office. You might be surprised at how many places you can get to in 20 minutes or less. Be sure to plan ahead to give yourself enough time to walk to the store, shop and head back home.
  • If your workplace is within a few miles of your home, consider walking or jogging to and from work one day a week. Leave an extra set of work clothes at the office the day before so you won’t have to carry a bulky bag with you.

Are you ready to get started taking greener steps? As you count your footsteps, think about the molecules of carbon dioxide your car won’t be dispersing from its tailpipe. Using your feet to go a little greener can positively impact the environment and will also improve your overall health, too.

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About Felicia Baratz-Savage

Felicia Baratz-Savage is a freelance writer and graphic designer living in Indianapolis, IN. As a frequent contributor to Eat Breathe Blog, she discusses eco-friendly innovations, green long distance moving, and overall health and wellness.

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