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A reusable water bottle, made of stainless steel = no BPA toxins in your water
It's been all over the news lately – recent studies linking toxins such as bisphenol-a or BPA (found in some plastic water bottles) to breast cancers and reproductive mutations. You won't find that here.

What will you find? A high-quality stainless steel water bottle (made by Klean Kanteen – so you know it's excellent quality) you can use again and again – saving the planet, saving some coin and saving you from nasty toxins.

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Perfect for those on the go – Its slim design fits most cup holders or for you more rugged types, attach the poly loop cap of your water bottle to a carabineer and you're off to wherever life takes you. (FYI – the poly loop cap is made of polypropylene #5 – which has no known leaching characteristics)

And, they're sooo functional – lightweight, yet durable enough to carry up to 20 lb. of stuff! Ultra-lightweight, each nylon chico bag tucks neatly into a little holder bag making it a cinch to carry in your purse, pocket or glove box. Easy to carry means easy to remember to use when you're shopping! Each bag also comes with a 1-year manufacturers warranty against defects in material and workmanship and is machine-washable.



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