Going Green Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

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Going Green Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

This guest post is by Erika Celario of TONERGREEN blog.

“Going Green,” you’ve probably encountered this term a thousand times over the internet, in newspapers or ad campaigns on TV. You might also be wondering, “what does it really mean?” Well, if you think taking an action to preserve our natural resources to help the environment needs a considerable amount of time and effort or a serious devotion to our planet, then you might want to reconsider that thought. “Going Green” actually doesn’t need to cost you that much effort, time or money. It actually can be one of the easiest things to do. In fact, “Going Green” actually saves you money. All you need is to simply change some habits and the products you support to easily put a tint of green in your lifestyle.

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Going Green In Your Home

You can go green at your house, simply by using electronic appliances and products. Why don’t you change those regular bulbs you use to CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lights) and LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs? These types of light bulbs are more energy-efficient and last up to ten times longer than incandescent bulbs. Or why don’t you choose buying Energy-Star qualified appliances the next time you hit the market for new electronics? Energy-Star qualified appliances use less energy, save money and protect the environment. You can also cut down the amount of chemicals you are using in your kitchen and bathroom by using eco-friendly products instead. Companies like Coleman, Woolrich and Desert Essence make green soaps, shampoos and lotions. Incorporate the 3Rs in your everyday life: reduce, recycle and reuse. There are a lot of non-biodegradable materials that you can still use like those plastic bags. By simply reusing your plastic bags, you are helping the environment reduce waste on its landfills. And talk about non-biodegradable waste, plastic takes 500 years to break down.


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Going Green In Your Office

You can easily incorporate a green lifestyle even in the office. You might even suggest the following eco-friendly tips to your management considering the fact that these tips doesn’t just help the environment they also reduce your office’s expenses: (1) develop a green purchasing policy, most eco-friendly materials cost less, like recycled papers and remanufactured toner cartridges, which are also called eco-friendly cartridges in your office printing; (2) use power strips to turn off electronics when not in use. 75% of the electricity used to power office equipment can be consumed while these electronics are turned off. You can simply avoid this by pugging them into a power strip that can be shut off at the end of each day to consume less electricity; (3) buy Energy  Star qualified electronic products, Energy Star computers, printers and other business machines conserve up to 75% of your electricity compared to standard models. Energy Star products saved Americans more than $3.5 billion in energy costs; (4) recycle your office materials, you don’t have to throw away those unwanted one-sided printouts, they can be used for printing drafts and writing notes; and (5) green commuting, according to the 2011 Annual Urban Mobility Report, American workers spend an average of 47 hours per year commuting through rush hour traffic. You can avoid this hassle by carpooling, taking public transit, biking or walking. This reduces the considerable amount of 23 billion gallons of gas wasted in traffic each year.

You see, “Going Green” won’t necessarily complicate or change your lifestyle drastically. It just requires simple changes to make a positive impact on our environment. “Going Green” doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s actually the other way around. By making small changes in your everyday routine, you can save yourself some green while helping the world become greener place.

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Erika Celario is a blogger who works for TonerGreen, promoting environment-conscious printing with the use of recycled toner cartridges and printer supplies.

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