Google Adds Green Initiatives to Their Facilities, Including 200 Goats

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Mountain View, California is home to Google's world headquarters. Located only "a stone's throw" from the Shoreline Regional Park wetlands, Google tries to implement Green Initiatives as they continue growing. In the summer of 2007, they turned the switch on for one of the largest corporate solar installations in the United States. They have 9,212 solar panels produce 1.6 MW of electricity which helps reduce their carbon emissions and will pay for itself in about 7.5 years. Two of their facilities run on 100% recycled water, and by 2010 Google expects recycled water to provide 80% of their total data center water consumption. Green employee programs are designed to reduce the overall carbon footprint, and to help employees stay green. Shared bicycles are scattered around for use during short trips while B20 biodiesel fueled shuttles bring more than 1,500 employees to work from around the Bay Area every day. And the list continues…


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The new Green Initiative added to the Mountain View headquarters was the employment of 200 goats and a border collie. Instead of using gasoline powered lawnmowers, the goats trim weeds, eat grass, and clean up brush. All the while they will be fertilizing the ground. Jen, the border collie, keeps the goats in line.

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