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Welcome. My name is Brianne and I love doing things that are good for the environment, well the Earth in general. I’m always learning about the latest trends, the newest products, and how to be more “green.” Just trying to do my part so when I have kids they can enjoy nature at it’s best. If we don’t get started now, I don’t dare think about how bad things can get.

So you have a little history, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a couple of years ago and instead of following the Medical mainstream ideas of medication to mask my symptoms, I decided make some lifestyle changes.

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The first change was my diet, that was drastic. I didn’t know what was affecting me, so I started out on the Swank Diet for MS. I did that for 1 year, as a very strict cleanse. Of course I added vitamins, including Fish Oil and intramuscular shots of B12 (my body can’t absorb it other ways very easily), tried to limit my stress, and started working out to maintain a more healthy lifestyle as well.

Then with my doctor’s approval I started to add various foods back in, one at a time. The only things I never added back into my diet was “Hydrogenated Oils” and mercury rich fish like Tuna and Shark. Not having the various fish was a little hard at first, I love sushi and Tuna Tataki was one of my favorites. But it’s been over 2 years now and I am symptom free. I think it’s a fair trade, besides I found I can replace the Tuna with Salmon in most sushi rolls. :)

It always seems that whenever I like something, a few years later it becomes popular. Then I stop liking it or move on to something else. I’ve never enjoyed being apart of the “trends.” I’m sure that’s more apparent by my history of going against the mainstream. But I have to admit I’m a little happy that “Going Green” and being more environmentally friendly is becoming mainstream. There are so many more resources these days than when I started.

Now that you know where I am at, please feel free to stop by and see what’s new. I’m just working out some kinks in the website code, but hope to have Naturally Earth Friendly up and running soon. God bless.

About Brianne Coelho

Brianne Coelho is the founder of Naturally Earth Friendly. She's dedicated to living an eco-conscious lifestyle with her family and helping others make more sustainable choices to ensure a happy planet for our children and future generations.

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