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I've sold my used DVDs online to, and I knew someone would buy my used books. When I started researching where I could make some extra money by giving my books a second chance, of course I thought of I didn't like how it was similar to eBay in the sense I needed to ship them out as they sold. The whole point was to get rid of my books as quickly as possible. They take up valuable space in my little apartment. Then I found

Cash4Books is similar to Wherehouse where you sell in bulk and in one easy shipment. So I took my time and entered the individual ISBN for each book, not too much work since I was only selling 10 books. Unfortunately they weren't buying, I guess no one wants my books. 

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So by chance, I came across Better World Books. "Better World Books collects and sells books online to fund literacy initiatives worldwide." ( All of their books are available with free shipping to any location within the United States (or $3.97 worldwide). They are even environmentally friendly in their shipping methods so if you are concerned about your eco-footprint, don't worry. Every order is shipped carbon neutral with offsets from

It was perfect timing, here I was looking to get rid of my books and a company who will buy them. I had to input the books' ISBN numbers again, and found that they didn't want them either. But I could still donate them. Sounded good to me, I was planning to donate them to Good Will or something similar anyways if no one wanted to buy them. The idea of Better World Books, however, won me over and that's the route I chose.

To be eligible for free shipping when it comes to donations, you need to donate at least 3 books. After you enter all the ISBN's, choose your address (you will need to register), and choose who you want to be donated to, you'll be able to print a Packing Slip and Label. From here just attach the label to your box and mail. That is really the only cost to you, buying a box for shipping. 

Now realistically this shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes to get to the point of printing, and not much longer to mail it out. Unfortunately, for me it took about an hour because my internet browser closed and I had to re-enter everything, then my printer malfunctioned. So take my advice and type out the ISBN numbers into Notepad or Microsoft Word, that way you won't have to enter them more than once.

So far, the company has converted more than 11 million donated books into $4.5 million in funding for literacy and education. They've also diverted more than 13 million of books from landfills.

The five primary literacy partners of Better World Books are Invisible ChildrenBooks for AfricaRoom to ReadWorldfund, and the National Center for Family Literacy. I chose to donate my books on behalf of Invisible Children. So whether you're looking to buy a book, sell a book, or donate a book, look to Better World Books.


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