Home Sweet Home, I mean Plane Sweet Plane.

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Houses are being made Green, designed to be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Big surprise, that's not a new concept. Using a Air Boeing 747 and turning into the house of your dreams definitely is. I'm surprised John Travolta didn't come up with this first. He loves planes, I mean he has a son named Jet.

But this new idea was thought up by innovative California architect David Hertz and his firm, Studio of Environmental Architecture. Currently a work in progress, the 747 Wing House is expected to be completed in 2009. And in it's main house and 6 additional structure believe me it's not short of environmental features.

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Thinking outside of the box, this unique compound in Malibu will take about a year to finish and cost around $2 million.

Located on 55 acres, this multi-structure compound is north of Malibu. It possesses panoramic views of mountains, a valley, and the ocean, not to mention distant island views. Designed for Francie Rehwald as a Mountain Retreat, . Francie is an environmentalist and major supporter of the arts in California.

The material used is 100% post-consumer waste, solar power, radiant heating, natural ventilation and high performance heat mirror glazing. What haven't they thought of?

Various parts once carried more than 500 people at a time around the world, it took only $40,000 to get it from a junkyard. And they aren't just inserting a living area into the plane, but completely disassembling the planes' components to create the compound. They want to use as many of it's pieces as they can in the design and structre. At over 2,500 sq. ft., the wing of a 747 was a perfect fit for the floating roofs and reasonably priced at less than $50,000. Apparently they need to register the roof with the Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, that way pilots overhead won't mistake it for a fallen aircraft.

Did you know that American consumers and industry throw away enough aluminum in a year to rebuild our entire airplane commercial fleet every three months? For other unique solutions to the recycling of aluminum, particularly soda cans, click here.

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