Homemade Wind Turbine

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Homemade Wind Turbine

What would your neighbors think if you told them you were planning to build a homemade wind turbine? Would they roll their eyes and think you were a little nuts? What if the situation was reversed? Would you want to help and learn how to make your own energy? It’s actually not as hard as you might think. It’s easier to build a homemade wind turbine than most homeowners think. That’s why so many are learning how to accomplish this to capture their own energy from a renewable source.

Small Homemade Wind Turbine Designs

You could build your own homemade wind turbine with a little knowledge and means. It’s a very cost-effective way to start taking advantage of wind energy, especially if you live in a high wind area. Now it’s not as easy as snap your fingers, but you’ll still see how this is more manageable than you might have previously thought. First you’ll want to find homemade wind turbine plans to guide you through the process. You want to make sure that the instructions are detailed and easy to read. You can also do research in online forums to help you in the build.

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Basics of Building a Homemade Wind Turbine

Before you begin creating your own electricity producing turbine, you’ll want to have a little understanding with the basics. When it comes to wind turbines there are four essential components, including; the towers, the turbines, the batteries and the propeller and tail assembly. These four components will need to be present in your homemade wind turbine. The motor will most likely need to be ordered and it will require regular maintenance. This includes regular oiling for efficiency, but this little maintenance will be easy once you get the hang of it. And it really is a small price to pay for the energy you’ll be getting.

How To Build A Homemade Wind Turbine

You’ll need a few tools you probably already have in your garage; a drill, a saw and wrenches. Depending on the homemade wind turbine plan you will follow you might need additional tools. When you begin to think about creating your own homemade wind turbine you’ll want to find a large space to build it. Depending on how much energy you hope to output your turbine could get quite large. Some blades can get up to 8 feet in diameter (4 foot propeller blades).

The process is not very complicated when trying to build your own homemade wind turbine. In addition, the overall process is relatively inexpensive once you get it operating. You’ll also notice your energy bills from the grid dropping each month which is one of the best parts. Over at Instructables they built their own electricity producing homemade wind turbine to help power their off the grid home. It is a 1000 watt wind turbine built with a permanent magnet alternator. They have full DIY plans to help you learn how you can build your own homemade wind turbine and start using the wind to help power your home. From Instructables.com:

We built a 1000 watt wind turbine to help charge the battery bank that powers our offgrid home. It’s a permanent magnet alternator, generating 3 phase ac, rectified to dc, and fed to a charge controller. The magnets spin with the wind, the coils are fixed, so no brushes or slip rings necessary.

If you end up trying this, please let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear about your experience.

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