Honey. Simply amazing.

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Honey is a sweet and viscous fluid produced by honey bees (and some other species[1]), and derived from the nectar of flowers.

- Wikipedia

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Honey is an amazing substance. Besides it's sweet taste it's known for it's healing powers that reach beyond wounds and burns. Having been used for centuries as an antiseptic agent for the treatment of ulcers, burns and wounds, its wound healing properties may be it's most talented use.

One study in India compared the wound healing effects of honey to a conventional treatment (silver sulfadiazene) in 104 first-degree burn patients. After one week of treatment, 91 percent of honey treated burns were infection free compared with only 7 percent receiving the conventional treatment. Finally, a greater percentage of patients' burns were healed more readily in the honey treated group. Another study examined the wound healing benefits of honey applied topically to patients following Caesarean section and hysterectomy. Compared to the group receiving the standard solution of iodine and alcohol, the honey treated group was infection free in fewer days, healed more cleanly and had a reduced hospital stay.

- The World's Healthiest Foods

Maybe this is the Natural Neosporin®, meant to be used beneath our band-aids instead of something man-made.

"Honey provides a moist healing environment yet prevents bacterial growth even when wounds are heavily infected," notes Dr. Peter Molan of the Honey Research Unit at the University of Waikato, New Zealand. "It is a very effective means of quickly rendering heavily infected wounds sterile, without the side effects of antibiotics, and it is even effective against antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria."

Not only used by Native Americans to heal their bee stings (from getting the honey) as well as other cuts,to soothe sore throats and colds, but as early facials. Honey softens and moisturizes your skin for a healthy complexion. The best way to take advantage of this wrinkle relief is to splash warm water on your face to open the pores. Then apply your honey mask, let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes, and wash away with warm water. Splash with cold water to close your pores and enjoy your silky smooth skin.

More and more researchers are discovering new evidence of honey's versatile medical benefits. It's an antiseptic, it's an antioxidant, and it has cleansing properties for our body and health. It's also been known to be used for treating digestive problems such as diarrhea, indigestion, stomach ulcers and gastroenteritis.

The news just keeps getting better and better. What will they discover honey can do next?

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