How Going Green Can Support Local Businesses

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Going Green Can Support Local Businesses

This guest post is by GR8Fires.

Local businesses are struggling just as much as everyone else at the moment. As much as we’d all love to support local firms, it often conflicts with our environmental beliefs or our bank balance. Here’s a few new schemes and products that can help your local community and the planet all in one go.

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At Work

JogPost made a good first impression when they managed to get all of the notoriously austere dragons to invest on BBC’s Dragon’s Den.

They offer leaflet delivery and courier services – powered entirely by their joggers – in most cities for big names like Pizza Hut and The NHS. If they can be trusted to deliver in bustling, Olympic London, just think what they can do for you.

As if all that wasn’t enough, JogPost work with The Eden Reforestation Project and plant a tree for every 1000 leaflets they deliver.

In The Home

Installing an alternative heating source can cut your bills dramatically and help support local industry.

Visiting local timber yards and construction companies for cheap, discarded wood for a wood burning stove is far preferable to giving your money to Oil and Gas companies. The growing demand for wood burners and multifuel stoves are also behind a boost in business for Chimney Sweeps.

On The Go

A rather unusual alternative to Taxis is taking off in some of the bigger cities. If you’re visiting London or Edinburgh you can get where you need to be by rickshaw, cutting emissions and putting some cash into a struggling student’s pocket at the same time.

A lot of workplaces support a ‘Bike 2 Work‘ Scheme which means you can fit some extra exercise into your daily routine and get a discount on a new bike and all the equipment you need at a local bike supplier.


The best and easiest way to get involved with recycled clothes is to donate to and from charity shops. The recent M&S and Oxfam Schwopping campaign, which encouraged customers buying an item to donate one, was a great success with over 500,000 items exchanged in six weeks.

All the big supermarkets offer delivery shops, but your local stores often offer similar services. By phoning in your order you can get groceries delivered to your door along with your neighbours, turning 5 or 6 car journeys into just one.

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