How Many Pounds of Trash Does the Average Person Make Per Day?

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How Many Pounds of Trash Does the Average Person Make Per Day?

In America’s short two and a half century existence it has climbed to the number two spot in producing the most garbage per person. Americans currently produce 4.43 pounds of garbage per person, per day. In 2010, this equated to 250 million tons of trash being produced in America alone. Of all of this garbage, only 34.1 percent of it was actually recycled. Thirty-four percent may not seem like that bad of a number, especially considering the fact that in 1960 only 6.4 percent of garbage produced in America was recycled, but the amount of garbage produced has increased at a large amount.

The amount of trash produced by Americans has increased by around 160 million tons, but the amount of trash recycled has only increased by about 80 million tons, leaving the rest of the garbage lying around on the Earth. Most of the recycled garbage consists of paper and cardboard, but many other things are recyclable as well, including glass, wood, metal, plastic, rubber and yard waste. With nearly every item in people’s lives having the ability to be recycled, it should be possible for the amount of recycled garbage to keep pace with the amount of garbage produced in the nation.

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The computer recycling professionals at ROUND2 INC., an Avnet Company, brought you this infographic.

How Many Pounds of Trash Does the Average Person Make Per Day?

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