How Paper Shredding Saves the Environment

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Paper Shredding Saves the Environment

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When people think of paper shredding, they think of an effective way in which they can prevent sensitive information from being robbed. What they do not realize is that paper shredding is also a great way to contribute to helping the environment.

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Many shredding companies use a system that is environmentally friendly so that all shredded material is recycled. They will recycle the all paper they have shredded. This process allows for the paper to be used again instead of ending up as unusable trash.

By recycling the shredded paper, we can prevent destroying more of our forest. We need to protect the earth, trees and the atmosphere. That is why it is necessary that we highlight some facts and figures that can help you better understand our need to work on a sustainable relationship with the environment.

The impact that shredding paper has on the environment is huge. Saving forest land is just one benefit that recycling has on the environment. The entire process to produce paper from tress uses a great amount of energy and water. This process also adds many pollutants into our atmosphere. Consider the following. Recycling just one ton of paper saves about 7,000 gallons of water and 4,100 kilowatt hours of electricity. Recycling one ton of paper we save approximately fourteen trees, and we avoid destroying two cubic meters of forest mass. This process protects thousands of acres of forest each year. Recycled paper requires about 65% less energy, 50% less water and causes 72% less pollution than paper products made from virgin forest.

Why is shredding and recycling paper better than throwing paper in the trash bin? According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, when you throw just one piece of paper into the trash bin, that piece of paper becomes approximately 33% of the municipal solid waste stream (MSW), making it the largest portion of MSW. Imagine how quickly this adds up when you consider the average work office. The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper per year. By shredding and recycling that paper, it goes a long way in saving our environment.

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