How to Build a Support Cage for Your Tomatoes

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Tomatoes are the most popular homegrown vegetable.Tomatoes are the most popular fruit/vegetable for home gardeners to plant. They are easy to grow and produce a tasty product. To help support your growing tomato plant, a tomato cage helps the plant to stay upright without the extensive attention required by staking the plant. A cage also save you the time of tying your tomatoes, of course you can if you wish.

  1. Measure 5 feet of wire mesh and cut it off at the front of the next veritical wire.
  2. Bend the prongs back 90 degrees to create a hook that will enable you to close your tomato cage.
  3. Roll the wire mesh to form a cylinder and use the wire hooks you created in Step 2 to secure the cylinder in place.
  4. Cut off the bottom horizontal pieces of wire, leaving roughly 6 inches of vertical posts to secure the tomato cage into the ground.

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