How to Make an Eco Friendly Environment for Your Nursery

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Eco Friendly Environment for Your Nursery

This was written by Alyssa Clarke of Born Rich.

Once you become a mother, you will need to take care of very minute things related to the health of your baby, ranging from clothes to toys, from cots to linens. Here we shall be discussing about the things you need to keep in mind while setting up a nursery for your child. Not only should the nursery be safe, it should be Eco-friendly as well. Making the environment in which your baby lives healthy and Eco-friendly shall help in his/her healthy development. To fulfill this purpose, you need to keep some things in mind while buying things for your little one. These include the furniture, the mattress, the linen and the toys.

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The furniture of your baby wouldn’t include many things. All that you need to buy especially for your baby is the cot. Cot is the baby’s bed where he/she shall be sleeping until the age of two and spending most of his/her time until they start off to walk or crawl. In the cot, the baby spends the maximum part of his/her development years. A cot is also the first thing which your baby will start chewing when he/she is teething. That is why special attention is to be paid while buying a cot. Firstly, it should not be made from any toxic wood or be painted by toxic paints. Secondly, it should have safety latches and the bars should not be far apart, so as to prevent the baby’s legs or arms from getting stuck in between them. You should avoid getting carried away by the beautiful designs and colors of the cots as the paint and lacquer in them can be quite harmful for your child. Thus, make sure that your baby’s cot is made from non-toxic wood and varnished with non-toxic paint.

The second thing you should pay attention to is the mattress. Common mattresses are generally made up of synthetic fibers and harsh metal springs. Moreover, these mattresses are sprayed with a multitude of strong chemicals and disinfectants that can be quite dangerous for your kid, who is used to with sleeping on this mattress. Just leave these ones behind and opt for the mattresses made from natural organic fibers, which will also help your baby in regulating his/her, body temperature during all seasons.

Next comes the linen of your baby. Linen is such an important thing when it comes to your baby’s safety. It is another thing which stays in touch with your baby’s body most of the time. So you need to be very choosy while shopping for all these things. Using organic linen wherever possible in advisable, but try to make use of more sustainable fibers like bamboo, cotton and wool.

Finally, you should take ample care about the toys with which you baby has been playing. Toys made of plastic can be the worst ones for the health of your baby. Plastic is one of the most toxic elements on earth and should be evaded by young, old and especially the little ones. For this reason always avoid plastic and go for bamboo or wooden toys instead with non-toxic paint.

With these easy to follow tips, you can surely succeed in the build-up of a healthy and Eco-friendly home environment for your baby.

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