How Your Business Can Be Greener in the Workplace

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Business Can Be Greener in the Workplace

This was written by First Choice Business Systems.

There are many benefits to having an environmentally friendly business. Not only is it good for the wider environment, it can also help reduce overall running costs within the workplace.

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It may sound like a big deal when green experts wax lyrical about just how easy it is to turn your business green, but there are numerous features you can introduce simply to reduce waste and save energy. Regardless of whether your business is home-based or in a bricks-and-mortar office here are some of the easiest measures you can implement to go green.

Switch off equipment when not in use

It may seem like a trivial thing but you can save up to 25 per cent on wasted energy just by turning off electrical equipment such as desktops, monitors and printers when they are not in use. It is said you can save an additional 50 per cent by making sure all electrical equipment is switched off at the end of the day and not left on overnight.

Use recycled materials and biodegradable packaging

Business waste can actually carry an unnecessary high premium, with many firms spending as much as 4 per cent of their annual turnover on wasted materials and packaging. By instead using recycled paper and biodegradable packaging for goods and services, you can dramatically reduce waste costs.

Communicate via email

Businesses should encourage their employees to communicate via email and read messages on screen to determine whether it is truly necessary to print them. You will be surprised just how much paper you waste by needlessly printing agendas and memos that can simply be read on a screen or written down by hand.

Introduce plants to your office

Why not introduce some plants in your place of work? They not only make your office look nicer they can also work to absorb airborne pollutants and negative ions from computers, as well emitting oxygen – making your office a much more attractive place to be.

Encourage green habits to and from work

Why not consider introducing a carpool scheme in which staff can lift share or take public transport where possible. Lift sharing obviously saves on fuel and public transport often works out cheaper than filling a car with petrol or diesel and paying car parking fees.

Not all green initiatives will save your business money or cost you nothing in the process, but it is a great way of benefitting your people, your profits and your general reputation.

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