Hybrid Vehicles Offer Fuel-Efficiency and Low Maintenance

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One of the best solutions for the growing world fuel shortage problems we are facing these days is purchasing a hybrid car. Most car makers have resorted to the design and production of hybrid cars in answer to the growing fuel crisis. And because of the ingenuity of these new inventions, they have grown in popularity.

Governments Support Hybrid Use

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Hybrids are environmentally-friendly because they emit less pollutants and emissions into the atmosphere. Some hybrid cars have the ability to lower pollution rates up to 90% as compared to conventional cars. These are only a couple of the reasons why the government supports hybrid cars. Their support can be seen in the many government tax incentives buyers are offered when purchasing a hybrid car.

Fuel-Efficient and Low Maintenance

Using a process called regenerative braking, hybrid vehicles don’t need to be plugged into an electrical outlet to charge the electric motor. While the vehicle is running with the use of the traditional internal combustion engine, the electric motor is being charged. In driving situations where the traditional gas engine is less efficient (as in slow city driving) the electric motor will take over.

While buying a hybrid is not the least expensive vehicle on the market, in the long run hybrids prove to be more economical and offer more benefits than traditional gas engine cars. Hybrid car prices are typically higher than ordinary car prices, but remember that hybrid cars have a lower depreciation rate. In addition to these numerous benefits to the owner, hybrid cars also require less maintenance. This will greatly reduce the cost and trouble of owning a hybrid vehicle.

Car Makers Offering Hybrid Models

Aside from sedans, there are also many hybrid pickup trucks and hybrid minivans currently offered by various car makers. There are many beautiful models to choose from in today’s market with the car makers fighting for your business. As hybrid vehicles gain in popularity the models offered will only continue to rise as car makers compete with each other.

Toyota Hybrids

Toyota's 3rd Generation 2010 Prius offers more luxurious technology.

The undisputed favorite in the Toyota line of hybrids is, no surprise here, the Toyota Prius found by car reviews. It has the most efficient miles-per-gallon report of all hybrids currently on the market, and the new 2010 model has even more bells and whistles than previous years. In addition to the variety of gizmos Toyota offered such as the keyless entry, rear-view camera system, and high-tech energy monitor. The 3rd Generation Toyota Prius offers, for the first time, heated seats and a moonroof. The moonroof will not inhibit the new slick-looking solar panel to provide power to the new ventilation system.

If you’re not a particular fan of the Toyota Prius, there are the Toyota Hybrid Camry and Toyota Highlander Hybrid also available.

Did you know that in 2006, the toy and game-maker Hasbro added a Toyota Prius shaped game token in the “here and now” version of Monopoly?

Honda Hybrids

The Honda Civic Hybrid's smooth lines is competition for the Toyota Prius.

Honda hybrid cars also compete strongly in the hybrid market, especially in design and fuel efficiency. The Honda Civic hybrid is the closest in comparison to the well respected Toyota Prius, but Honda also offers the Insight Hybrid in addition to a couple alternative fuel vehicles; the Civic GX Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) and the FCX Clarity Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle.

Ford Hybrids

Ford's Escape Hybrid offers a hybrid for those who just can't stand a sedan.

With the very sleek design and competitive miles-per-gallon efficiency Ford doesn’t fail with the Ford Escape Hybrid they offer. Another hybrid option through Ford is the Fusion Hybrid, but talks of a new model to compete with the Toyota Prius might add another hybrid to Ford’s lineup.

Saturn Hybrids

“Go green without going broke” is the new slogan being touted by the Saturn hybrids. In support of this slogan, Saturn offers good quality hybrids at lower costs. Their use of “mild hybrid” technology means that they can offer some of the benefits of hybrids without having to increase their selling price all that much. Currently the two Saturn hybrid models are offered on the Saturn Aura and Saturn Vue.

Whatever hybrid model you choose, the green-technology cars are better in many ways than the traditional gasoline-guzzling cars of the past. In these times of fuel shortage and pollution of the environment being recognized as two of the foremost public issues, the use of this constantly upgrading technology promises to bring a positive contribution to car market.

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