I love Better World Books. They surprise you.

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I heard about the book by Jerry Seinfeld's wife, Jessica Seinfeld, and decided to look for it used on BetterWorld.com. Deceptively Delicious is a recipe book that will allow you to sneak in pureed vegetables to all kinds of food dishes. It's supposed to help kids get their vegetables. A friend told me about chicken fingers being dipped in pureed broccoli instead of egg and that's what got me curious. So I hoped it was "used" but found that the "new" copy was only $12.95. With Better World Books' free shipping I thought it was worth a shot. I purchased the book last Thursday night around 10 pm. I was told shipping would take 4 to 14 business days, and I just received it yesterday – just about 5 business days! And when I opened the box, I was surprised with a bar of Divine Fair Trade Certified Milk Chocolate! It's the little things that make me like a company and this personal touch has me falling farther in love with Better World Books.

Currently they are having a Bargain Bin Blowout where you can purchase five used books for $15.

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