I love my new Sativa Bags All Purpose Hemp Handbag.

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Made from sustainable hemp, the All Purpose Hemp Handbag from Sativa Bags is Earth friendly to the core. It's a classic style that's perfect for everyday use and has plenty of room for all of life's necessities. At Sativa Bags they believe that "good living shouldn't cost the earth." And the use of natural resources in a responsible way combined with classically modern designs makes their hemp products easy to love.

Sativa Bags' All Purpose Hemp Handbag

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Personally, what I really love about my All Purpose Hemp Handbag is that I don't have to worry about being gentle with it. It's durability in material and design means I can use it everyday without fear of ruining it. This handbag is actually sturdier than the canvas messenger bag I purchased at the Army and Navy Store for the purpose of a diaper bag! It's larger than I expected, almost twice the size as the picture made me think, but not too large to be bulky for everyday use. I can fit everything I need to take with me and still have room to spare.

Sativa Bags' All Purpose Hemp HandbagSativa Bags' All Purpose Hemp HandbagSativa Bags' All Purpose Hemp Handbag

The All Purpose Hemp Handbag is made from sustainable hemp and cotton with a classic design. It's available in Brown, Ice, Khaki (shown), and Grey. It's 40cm x 22cm with a depth of 10cm, that's roughly 15 3/4 inches by 8 1/2 inches with a depth of approximately 4 inches.

The main compartment is zippered and quite large with several pockets and several versatile features. Inside is a roomy, almost full length, zippered pocket as well as pockets for pens, and two other open pockets. I can only imagine the medium pocket is meant for a cell phone, but it won't fit my smartphone so I use the largest open pocket. There is also a handy clip ring to hold my keys. This is a wonderful design addition as I'm always losing my keys in the bottom of my purse. And lastly, the inside compartment includes a train card holder. This is something I don't use as I'm in Southern California and driving is crucial. But for those in larger cities where public transportation is a necessity I can only imagine this being beneficial.

On the outside of the handbag there are two zippered pockets, one on each side. The front of the bag also has two open pockets for quick access. Sativa Bags also included a Sativa Key Ring that my husband is hoping I'll let him have. I won't be giving him mine, but plan to surprise him with a new Sativa Bags Hemp Wallet for Father's Day. That will give him a free re-cycled metal Indica Hemp keyring of his very own. Shhhh…. don't tell him.

At this point, the only real downside I've found to this handbag is that the Khaki has more of an olive green tint to it than a beige. Not that I really mind as it still has that neutral tone I was looking for that goes with everything.

It has replaced my other purse as my everyday bag. The durability, function, and size are perfect for my lifestyle in keeping everything safe and at hand when I need it. I can even fit a couple spare cloth diapers and wipes just in case.

The All Purpose Hemp Handbag can be purchased from Sativa Bags online at SativaBags.com for $57.33 (USD). I originally thought it was a little overpriced, but after receiving it the quality of materials and craftsmanship makes the price seem reasonable. This isn't a handbag that will need to be replaced after a few short months and I now see it as an investment. It would also make a great gift. Check out the wide selection of hemp bags, hemp clothing and more at SativaBags.com.

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