I’m Pregnant and Exhausted – And I’m Supposed to Exercise?

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You're pregnant and exhausted – and yes, you're supposed to exercise. Or at least keep up a somewhat active lifestyle. Staying fit during a pregnancy is never easy, especially if you're someone experiencing symptoms of fatigue and low energy. Exercising can actually help increase your energy levels, but there are many other benefits to exercising regularly when pregnant. Not only will an active lifestyle promote your good health, but can help you carry the weight you are gaining and prepare you for the physical stress of labor.

Keep in mind that you are pregnant and don't overdo it. Listen to your body and take a break if you need one. This can be aggravating if you're used to a specific routine and find you can no longer keep up. Just remember you are pregnant and your body is going through several emotional and physical changes. You'll want to discuss your exercise plans with your midwife or doctor.

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I'm Pregnant and Exhausted – And I'm Supposed to Exercise? A simple exercise you can do anywhere is simply taking a walk outside. Get some fresh air and lift your spirits – especially if you've been stuck indoors all day.

If you're just starting an exercise routine when pregnant try to stay away from activities that require more balance like bicycling. You might find yourself a little clumsy and off balance just walking, so you won't want to start an activity that requires balance you don't have. However, if you've been on a bicycling routine before you become pregnant your muscles used in balancing for that particular activity may be strong enough to continue. Again, listen to your body.

Exercises that help develop your posture, like Yoga and Pilates, can help strengthen your lower back and help reduce back pains. You're adding weight and you might experience muscle fatigue by merely sitting or standing.

Drink plenty of water, you don't want to dehydrate. This is especially important when pregnant as the amniotic fluid is replaced completely every few hours. The more fluids you intake the more cushion for your baby. Another reason to stay hydrated is that during your pregnancy your blood volume will increase by 40%. Plenty of water can also help you avoid some fatigue and irritability.

Whether you're experiencing nausea or not, try not to exercise after eating a big meal to not add that pregnancy symptom. As hard as it seems when you are too tired to move, getting up for a quick walk around the block might surprise you. You might just feel a little better. It'll be easier for you to stick to a routine when you plan your workout at a time you are most energetic. 

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