Important Elements to Consider When Buying a Spa

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Buying a Spa Tips

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When selecting a spa or a hot tub people normally put more emphasis on the visual design and look. While the exterior of a tub must be taken into account, it is certainly not the key feature. It is very common for buyers to overlook some important elements like insulation, sanitation technologies, and filtration systems.

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One of the most prominent innovations in the spa industry is called the eco pur filtration system.   Eco purs  combine numerous sanitation technologies into one easily used filter. It is a mineral based system of purification that reduces the amount of chemical based sanitizers needed to keep your water clean. Spas and hot tubs that contain eco purs are superior in quality.

Ozonators are another way to safely sanitize water without using damaging or harmful chemicals. Utilizing an ozonator in the tub cuts down on the quantity of chlorine needed. In fact, when used with an eco pur filter, chlorine is further reduced by up to 85%.


The insulation technology incorporated in the spa should be state-of-the-art. The hot tubs must have a mix of environmentally friendly wrap and spray foam that provides greater insulation and keeps the warmth inside the tub, consequentially reducing the energy consumption. Apart from this, hot tub covers to protect these spas should also be top of the line. This increases the insulation value and protects the tub from extreme weather conditions and other external factors.

Visual Appeal:

It is also very important for the hot tub to be visually attractive. There are several spa companies that incorporate beautiful designs with state-of-the-art technologies to manufacture the best tubs in the market. They use an extensive range of skirting options and acrylic colors to cater to the varying customer tastes.

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