Indoor Water Conservation Kits – Basic and Deluxe

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Want to start saving water and money, but not sure where to start?
Start here! You can make a quick and measurable difference by implementing these basic tools in your home. The Basic Water Conservation Kit includes the following: (2) 1.0 GPM Sink Aerators, (1) Deluxe Kitchen Swivel Aerator, (1) Toilet Dye Leak Kit and a Water Conservation Wheel with tips.

Imagine using all the water you need – paying less and saving water at the same time! Each of the items included in the basic water conservation kit will help you save water in ways that won't change the way you use water. In fact – most of your family members won't even notice the changes. Unless of course they pay the water bill!

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Ready to take water conservation (not to mention money saving) to a whole new level? If so, the Deluxe Water Conservation Kit is for you. This kit contains our most popular water-conserving items bundled into one money-saving kit.
The kit includes the following products: (1) 1.5 GPM Earth Massage Showerhead, (2) 1.0 GPM Sink Aerators, (1) Deluxe Kitchen Swivel Aerator, (1), Toilet Tank Bank, (1) Toilet Water Saver Fill Cycle Diverter, (1) Toilet Leak Dye Kit, Teflon Tape, Flow Meter Bag, and a Water Conservation Wheel with tips.



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