Infographic: How to Make Compost Work for You

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Here's a great graphical representation of how to get started composting. It's an infographic by WellHome, a leader in home energy retrofitting, and the cartoons are light and fun.

You might learn something new about composting.

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We learned that some people run water pipes through their compost piles as a natural water heater. That's clever.

From TreeHugger:

​8 Ways to Compost and Which One You Should Try

That slideshow has now inspired an awesome infographic that walks you through why you should compost, what the methods are for doing it, and which one best fits your lifestyle.

Check it out. Created by our friends at home energy specialists WellHome, it's certainly a pretty comprehensive run through for your basic would-be composter. Just be sure that the scroll function on your computer is working…

How to Make Compost Work for You Infographic

If you're looking to create a composting bin, check out our ebook the Beginner's Guide to Composting. Learn more about the Beginner's Guide to Composting.

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