Interesting Household Uses for Everyday Salt

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Apparently salt has over 14,000 different uses, according to the Salt Institute, and only a small percentage has to do with food consumption. These are a few of the more interesting uses of salt in your household.

Are your eggs fresh? Add 2 teaspoons of salt to a cup of water and add your egg. If it floats it's questionable, but if it sinks it's fresh.

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Tired of bitter, overcooked coffee? Just add a pinch of salt to not only enhance the flavor, but to remove some of the bitterness it gets when overcooked.

Did you know that Americans each consume more than 16 tons of salt in their lifetime?

Stop mold growing on your cheese by wrapping it in a saltwater dampened towel before placing it in the refrigerator.

Extinguish your grease fires by tossing salt to smother the flames. If you were to use water you'd spatter the burning grease and that wouldn't be good.

Forget Mr. Plumber, simply create a strong salt brine and pour that down your sink drains. Not only will you help eliminate odors, but stop grease from building up.

Stop your milk from souring, just add a pinch of salt to help it keep longer.

If you've just spilled wine on tablecloth, you'll need to blot up what you can, then cover the stain with salt to absorb what's left. You can then later rinse it with cold water.

For more interesting tips on using salt, including health and beauty tips, visit the Salt Institute.

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