It pays to go green with UNB’s Eco Rewards Credit Card.

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Consumers spend money. Plain and simple. America is in debt. We all know this. Use a credit card with rewards and get something back. Not a new concept. Getting rewards for purchasing eco-friendly items? That’s just great marketing!

I just came across UNB’s newest Rewards credit card, the Eco Rewards Visa Platinum Card. That’s a concept. We all spend money and most of us know how to use a credit card to get cash back; or merchandise, travel rewards, or gift cards. And how many of Americans today are buying the Energy Star® appliances? More than a few. It’s nice that a credit card company finally thought this one up. We can now earn double points for qualified, environmentally friendly purchases.

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This new kind of rewards credit card won’t just benefit us, the consumer, but will benefit the environment when we purchase those “qualified, environmentally friendly purchases.” It’s simple; earn one point for every dollar in purchases, two points for every dollar of interest billed, and an additional point if it’s a qualifying “green” purchase.

Some of the “qualified, environmentally friendly purchases” include items labeled with ENERGY STAR®‡, Green Seal™‡ or FSC®‡ (Forest Stewardship Council). Other examples of qualifying green purchases include CFL light bulbs, Seventh Generation® paper towels, ENERGY STAR®‡ appliances and many, many more items.

If you’re thinking about a new kind of Rewards card, this is definitely worth a look. Click here for more information.

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