Living in an apartment? Want plants? Go up the walls!

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So you want plants, but you live in an apartment. Maybe you don't have a patio or maybe you just don't have the room on your balcony, what can you do? Well, we all know plants recycle the carbon dioxide in the air and create oxygen.

Since we breath oxygen, plants are very important – especially during the colder months of the year. During the Fall and Winter seasons people close their windows to keep warm, thus creating a sometimes unhealthy environment for themselves. Without fresh air people tend to get sicker at this time of year. Here's a great product that can help you out if you're in this situation.

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The ELT Easy Green™ Living Wall is a beautiful modular living wall panel that can be pre-grown or planted in place. It's perfect for apartment dwellers as well as those who want a more creative "pot" for their plants – it definitely makes a statement.

Woman installing ELT Easy Green Living Wall DIY Kit

Image courtesy of ELT Easy Green

The panels are designed to have water flow through the panels without pulling the soil along with it. There are a series of grooves that channel the water towards the back of the panel, thus ensuring maximum saturation with a minimum amount of water (or effort on your part). It's even designed to have a small reservoir for the plants in case of drought.

Some of the ways these can benefit yourself and the Earth include the conservation of energy by insulating the building walls, thus saving on the need for heating in the winter (and cooling in the summer). They also will filter the air particles in your home, improve air quality, and add humidity (this is helpful when you use your heating in the winter).

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