Make a Beachcomber Style Necklace with Wooden Beads and an Old T-Shirt ala Anthropologie

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Beachcomber Style Necklace

And yet another Anthropologie inspiration. The tutorial I used is from Kojo Designs and is for a white beachcomber style necklace. Well since I just finished two white necklaces (see Make an Anthropologie Inspired Nautical Necklace and Make a J Crew Inspired Threaded Necklace with Chain and Pearls) I decided to make mine black, and a little shorter/smaller, you’ll see it below.

Kojo Designs Anthropologie inspired necklace.

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My DIY beachcomber necklace inspired by Anthropologie.

So to get started you’ll need an old t-shirt (the tutorial used white and I used black) and some wooden beads. Follow the Kojo Designs tutorial for the white version and here are some adjustments for my black, less chunky version.

DIY Black Beachcomber Style Necklace

I only used 11 wooden beads (3 large, 3 medium, and 5 small). When I cut the bottom of my shirt into strips I only had 5 strips to make tubes. Then when you cut the side seam to make strips instead of tubes I then cut them in half again. This created 10 short tubes instead of 5 long tubes.

At step 3, I threaded 1 large bead per tube. Then I threaded the 3 medium beads on one tube and the 5 small beads on another. This used all 11 wooden beads, but only 5 tubes.

Continue following the tutorial and adjust the beads accordingly.

TIP: If you are making a shorter version when you tie the braid to the tubes with beads make sure it will fit over your head when completed.

Let us know if you make one and what color t-shirt you used in the comments.

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