Make a J Crew Inspired Threaded Necklace with Chain and Pearls

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J Crew Inspired Necklace

I’ve been in a very crafty mood lately and have gotten into making my own jewelry. I was browsing around Tatertots and Jello, don’t you love that name, and I came across this threaded necklace tutorial inspired by J Crew.

J Crew Threaded Necklace

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Isn’t it beautiful? I already had some bronze colored chain and pearl beads from another project that didn’t turn out*, the Knotted Twist Bracelet (also inspired by J. Crew) at Stripes and Sequins.

*It didn’t turn out because the chain was too small in reference to the pearls. I will try it again though, it’s also strikingly beautiful.

My J Crew Inspired Threaded Necklace

Now for this Threaded Necklace, I used 4mm pearl beads, the chain I had on hand and a lobster clasp. I followed Jen’s tutorial with some minor changes. You’ll notice mine is shorter, I just prefer shorter necklaces. I also threaded the beads a little closer together since my beads seemed smaller. And the biggest difference is the missing rosette. I wanted something more simple.

You basically make a necklace from a chain. You can make it short like mine or long like the inspiration. Then you use thread (embroidery or beading) and weave through the chain adding pearl beads where you want. It’s really that simple and has wonderful results.

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