Make an Anthropologie Inspired Nautical Necklace

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After successfully recreating my own J Crew Inspired Threaded Necklace with Chain and Pearls, I was determined to make another before baby "W" woke up. I chose to look around Tatertots and Jello for another DIY jewelry project and found this Nautical Necklace inspired by Anthropologie (on the left). It's a guest post from Nina at Momma Go Round.

Nautical Necklace inspired by Anthropologie My DIY Nautical Necklace inspired by Anthropologie

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I followed the tutorial with some minor changes. I used some pretty light blue/green glass beads I had instead of clear, two different sized pretty white ribbons instead of fabric, and made it a little shorter. I think it turned out very Anthropologie-ess and really love the colors. I even had some leftover ribbon so I attached a starfish I had lying around and made another necklace! I am so excited to have two brand new necklaces.

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