Make Your Child’s Next Birthday Party Earth Friendly

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Earth Friendly Kid Birthday Party

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If your child is having a birthday party in the coming weeks or months, why not make it an environmentally-friendly one? Kids’ parties are notoriously tough on the environment. If you stop to think about it, most of the items you purchase for your child’s party end up in the landfill. Paper plates, plastic cups and decorations end up in the garbage can far more often than they land in the recycling bin. Turn your child’s birthday party green with these five tips:

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Reusable Table Ware

Instead of buying paper plates and cups, opt for reusable table ware. Camping sets make great table ware that can be reused for years to come. These plastic plates and cups come in a variety of colors, making it quite easy to find sets that can pieced together in order to match any theme. When the party is over, wash them and pack them away. You can pull out the sets to use for picnics, camping trips and future parties!

Personalized T-Shirts

Personalized T-shirts are a fun way to make sure that every child has a great gift to commemorate the event! Make a shirt for each child featuring their name boldly emblazoned across the back. The kids can wear their new shirts all summer long!

Party Favors

Instead of filling gift bags with useless trinkets that will eventually be lost or thrown away, think of a way to turn the party favors into environmentally-friendly gifts. Party favors that double as craft projects are always a great idea, especially for a younger child’s celebration. Here’s what to do:

Give each child an empty paper egg carton with a hole poked in the bottom of each egg holder, about two cups of potting soil, a packet of flower seeds and a Popsicle stick. Let the kids decorate their Popsicle sticks, fill their egg cartons with soil and plant their seeds. Have the kids glue their seed packet to their stick and then plant the stick. When the project is complete, each child has their own flower garden to take home!


Instead of sending paper invitations to each child, use E-invitations. There are dozens of sites that have cute E-invites for kids’ parties! If a child being invited doesn’t have a computer in their home, phone the parents and let them know about the party that way. You can help keep the planet green and save money at the same time!

Gift Ideas

Does your son or daughter really need 15 new toys? In lieu of gifts, ask guests to bring monetary or tangible donations that your child can, in turn, donate to their favorite charity. For example: host a dog-themed birthday party, asking each child to bring a can or small bag of dog food. Once the party is over, you can drive your child to the local animal shelter and donate the food that you’ve collected. This is a great way to get your child involved in the community!

If you’re planning your child’s next birthday party, why not take the effort to make it environmentally-friendly as possible? You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your child’s party green. In fact, you may even find yourself saving money! With E-invitations, reusable table ware and fun crafts, you can ensure that your child’s party is as eco-conscious as it is fun.

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