Mark Your Calendars – Roadmonkey’s Latest Expedition Announced for Patagonia Wine Country in January 2011

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A first trip to Patagonia, Roadmonkey recently announced it’s January 2011 Patagonia Expedition will combine horseback riding, bicycling, and a local volunteer project. This expedition will be Roadmonkey’s second trip to Latin America and will include some of the most breathtaking landscape on the planet. Located in Argentina and Chile, the Patagonia Expedition will take 8 days. Stops along your route include tastings in Patagonia’s developing wine country followed by 4 days of building either a playground or a community fruit and vegetable garden in cooperation with a Patagonia indigenous community.

 Roadmonkey's January 2011 Patagonia Expedition takes you to South America. Along the Patagonia Expedition Route you'll experience some amazing views.

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Further details of Roadmonkey’s 2011 Patagonia Expedition will include an itinerary and route map, cost and exact time frame as well as information regarding lodging, food and other pertinent information will be revealed when arrangements are finalized.

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