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Marketing your business in this economy can be a challenge for smaller and medium sized businesses. Where do you spend the marketing budget? How do you get the best price? Recently we learned about Blue Soda Promo and their inexpensive Tote Bags. And this is a great way to market effectively and for low cost. It also ensures your marketing efforts are eco-friendly.

It seems everyone is offering reusable shopping bags recently. They can be found at places that don't typically scream they are protecting the planet, like gas stations and auto insurance companies. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are seeing the potential for offering customized logo tote bags to their clients and customers.

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Plastic bag flying away.

Tote bags, or reusable shopping bags, are a great way to market a business by offering an option to clients to help avoid using plastic grocery bags. This is a wonderful way to help your clients or customers become more eco-friendly when they shop. 

Facts About Plastic Bags:
  • In the United States alone, around 100 billion plastic bags are used every year.
  • Even though recyclable, only about 3% actually are recycled.
  • Plastic debris was found in almost 75% of dead sea turtles in 2002.

By using bags that are reusable we can help minimize our impact on the Earth by avoiding the addition of more plastic to our landfills and prevent the release of more harmful greenhouse gasses. They help the environment by eliminating extra waste and oil needed to produce them every year. In addition to helping the environment reusable bags make sense for consumers.

Benefits of Reusable Bags

Reusable shopping bags are known to carry as much as twice the amount as the typical plastic bag and they are easier on the hands. The soft fabric handles seen most often on these types of tote bags make them easier to carry. Whether held in your hand or over your shoulder, these bags are eco-friendly and comfortable. Many are even washable and can last for years. Their uses don't have to be kept to the grocery store. Reusable bags are great for a trip to the park or beach. 

Blue Soda Promo Offers Quality Tote Bags Cheaply

Blue Soda Promo Logo

If your business is looking for a company that provides quality tote bags for less money, you need to look at Blue Soda Promo. Blue Soda Promo offers promotional tote bags for businesses. By printing your logo or tagline on a reusable bag you are giving your customers and clients a way to advertise for you. They are walking promotional banners.

Enhance your brand awareness with a promotional tote bag. Whether for your next tradeshow or convention, these bags are handy to have around to give away all year round. Blue Soda Promo offers many types of reusable grocery bags, from canvas to non woven polypropylene bags. And many of their bags are less than $2. We even found a few for under a dollar!

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