Memorial Ecosystems Started the Trend for Eco-Burial Sites Across the United States

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Memorial Ecosystems was the first nature-friendly burial operation in America thanks to Dr. Billy Campbell. Less than a decade ago, Dr. Campbell began offering natural burials on his 32-acre nature preserve in Westminster, South Carolina. No embalming fluids are present here. Instead you can expect a biodegradable casket, perhaps locally harvested wood or even cardboard, or be buried without a casket. Wildflowers and planted bulbs are only interrupted by a natural rough-hewn stone grave marker. Campbell says it’s a “nature preserve first, cemetery second.”

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Recently Marin County, outside of San Francisco, became home to another Memorial Ecosystems natural burial site. And thanks to Dr. Campbell’s innovative way to protect our land from development, green burial locations are spreading across the country.

Find a cemetery with natural burials near you at The Centre for Natural Burial. You’ll find a comprehensive list of natural burial sites in the United States, including descriptions, maps and contact information, the United Kingdom and Europe. The Natural Burial Co-operative is currently working to establish a natural burial site in Canada. New Zealand, South Africa and China also have natural burial developments in the works.

RAMSEY CREEK PRESERVEWestminister, South Carolina

Ramsey Creek is the Green Burial Council’s first Certified Conservation Burial Ground in the United States. It’s definitely the first conservation burial site in the United States, and quite possibly the world. Having opened in 1998 with 33 acres it helped protect a quarter mile of Ramsey Creek.


Natural burials and cremated remains are welcome at this 8,000 acre nature area. Located deep in the woods at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit all faiths are welcome to be naturally buried among streams and rolling hills.

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