MiniHome SOLO Model Eco-Friendly Travel Trailer RV

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MiniHome SOLO Model Eco-Friendly Travel Trailer RV

Are you thinking about buying an RV and don’t know where to look for an Earth friendly version? The 8×36 SOLO Model offered by MiniHome (Sustain Design Studio) is not only a Park Model Trailer, but you can get it as a Travel Trailer. Originally designed as travel trailers these homes were meant to “function as 4-season luxury cottages” and are easily moveable.


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Embodying the best in contemporary design, our affordable miniHomes exemplify the highest standards of modern residential design, materials and technology to create beautiful, energy efficient and enduring dwellings. Most of the science behind building a green home is taking into account smart design, energy efficiency and locally-sourced materials. The Sustain Design Studio team take these elements into consideration with each miniHome we sell. Working from this ethos, we will help to reduce your environmental footprint and keep your operational and maintenance costs low.

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Naturally Earth Friendly was born out of a love for everything healthy and good for our bodies and planet. This includes tips to adjust our everyday lives, environmentally conscious efforts we can make and smarter natural products that help make a difference. It's possible to head towards a more sustainable future and we can do it together.

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