Natural Swimming Pools Are Environmentally Friendly

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Natural Swimming Pools

This is a guest post by Dan Hart who is a keen amateur swimmer. Dan also helps out with from time to time. Roll on London 2012! If you would like to write an article, please read How to Become an Author

Although it’s great having your own swimming pool in your garden, if it is uncovered, it can have a negative impact on the environment, especially where water conservation is concerned. The water from your pool evaporates on a daily basis, and, apart from the fact that precious water is being wasted, the chemicals within the evaporated water are polluting the air as well. Swimming pool covers are great when it comes to reducing the amount of water which evaporates from your pool – by as much as 95% in fact. Correct use of a solar swimming pool cover can also cut heating costs by a massive 60%, and best of all, can increase the temperature of your pool by about 5%.

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The best thing to do of course, if you are considering having a pool installed in your garden, is to go for those types that will have no adverse effect on our already sensitive environment. One way to do this is to opt for a pool that is manufactured completely from recycled materials – an excellent way to help save our environment. Some pool companies offer pipe-less filtration systems, which help in several ways to save the environment, such as the elimination of having to flush chemicals into the sewage system, reducing the amount of fresh water needed to fill the pool, as well as a reduction in energy required to operate the system.

Another way to have an environmentally friendly pool in your garden is to go natural, and build an organic pool, which are visually striking and require no chemicals at all. By simply incorporating a waterfall and plenty of vegetation, you will be using nature to aerate and filter the water. When constructing the pool, make sure to use recycled materials for the foundation, eco-friendly paint, and, for a spectacular design inside the pool, recycled glass tiles. Finish off the landscaping around the pool with natural stone, and you will have created a fabulous environmentally friendly oasis in your backyard that will be the envy of your neighbors.

Plenty of electricity is needed to run a conventional pool pump, which is not only expensive, but is also contributing to the pollution of the atmosphere. Electricity bills can be greatly diminished, if not eliminated entirely, by simply using solar powered pool pumps and filters, which will power your pool for free by using the sun’s energy.

Uncovered conventional pools do get dirty, and the constant use of harmful chemicals is necessary to keep the water clean and clear. You can reduce the use of chemicals by 35-60%, and keep your pool sparkling clean and debris-free, by using solar and water retentive swimming pool covers. These covers will also prevent water from evaporating from your pool – the main contributor to heat loss – which could mean cutting as much as 50-70% from your monthly electricity bill.

Spend some money and opt for an eco-friendly pool in your garden – apart from the huge savings you will benefit from, by making use of the sun’s energy, you will be well rewarded too, by knowing that you are doing your bit to help save our environment.

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A keen amateur swimmer, I help out with from time to time. Roll on London 2012!

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