“One donated textbook inspired [William Kamkwamba] to build a windmill in his village.”

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One man, one donated textbook, and one dream became inspiration for thousands of Africans. Born in Malawi, a land shrunken by drought and hunger, William Kamkwamba was given a donated textbook that inspired him to build a windmill in his village. Thankfully, his dreams of bringing running water and electricity were not discouraged by the quiet whispers and laughter of his neighbors. William became an inspiration to his village and the many surrounding villages after his crude windmill made of scrap metal, tractor parts, bicycle halves, and a homemade circuit breaker made from nails and wire started to work.

Excerpt: “The preparation was complete, so I waited. The muscles in my arms still burned from having worked so hard, but now I was finished. The machinery was bolted and secured. The tower was steady and unmoving under the weight of twisted steel and plastic. Looking at it now, it appeared exactly as it was – something out of a dream.”

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F. Xavier Helgesen, co-founder of BetterWorldBooks.comBetter World Books, had the opportunity to meet William in Malawi a few years ago and became inspired himself and wished more could hear his amazing story of ingenuity and perseverance. His wishes were answered when William wrote his book, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind. In hopes to spread his story as far as possible, BetterWorldBooks.comBetter World Books is selling it at their cost and with free shipping. So please take advantage of this amazing offer.



“This is an amazing, inspiring, and heartwarming story! It's about harnessing the power not just of the wind, but of imagination and ingenuity. Those are the most important forces we have for saving our planet. William Kamkwamba is a hero for our age.” – Walter Isaacson, author of Einstein and Benjamin Franklin

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