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With being a new mother I have found I don’t have as much time as I’d like to plan my grocery shopping, get to the store and cook elaborate meals for us. I plan our weekly meals and buy fruits for snacks. This helps me save money with a plan and avoid impulse buys. However, this can take time to plan the meals and chasing after a newly crawling 8 month old keeps me away from my computer and recipes more often. That’s when I decided to try a home delivery of organic produce.

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We live in Southern California so I had to find something that delivered locally and luckily found Every delivery offers 100% certified organic produce. I get to choose a mixed variety, only fruits, or only vegetables. I can further choose what I dislike avoiding things in future deliveries. (I can’t see using this as we try to offer many flavors and foods to our daughter.)

I decided to start with the Small Mixed for $25 weekly. It’s recommended for 1-2 people. My first delivery is scheduled to be here Friday, September 9th. The delivery day depends on where you are. I can expect to enjoy various produce each week depending on the season. I know I can get this from a local farmers market, but having moved more inland and closer to the desert I’ve noticed the markets around here are lacking. And going outside at Noon in 90-100 degrees (Fahrenheit) to shop for produce with a baby isn’t ideal for me.

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What I loved about Farm Fresh to You:

  1. Home Delivery. I can’t always get to the grocery store when I plan if my baby girl wants to breastfeed or a nap. (They even do office deliveries.)
  2. Deliveries start at only $25 per delivery. This is great for trying out their produce; how much do we get and what do we get. We can always upgrade if we find we need more fruits and vegetables.
  3. Receive a free delivery for every friend we refer. Up to $31.50 which happens to be the price of the “Regular Mixed Organic Service.”

What my husband loves about Farm Fresh to You:

  1. No Commitment. We can cancel anytime without a fee or hassle.
  2. Automatic payments are not required. He cannot stand having someone take money automatically so he was happy. (They do offer this.)
  3. Choose how often deliveries arrive. We can lower our service if we find we aren’t eating it fast enough. The frequency can be as often as every week, every other week, or even every 3rd or 4th week.

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