PaperKarma Mobile Phone App Stops Junk Mail

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PaperKarma Mobile Phone App

Every year the US Postal Service sends over 100 Billion pieces of junk mail. That’s a horrible amount of trees being cut down and destroyed for something most people don’t want anyway. It ends up in the trash, not being recycled, adding to the landfills. This is just the beginning of how junk mail is having a negative effect on the environment.

When you think about the fact that each household in the United States receives 6 pieces of junk mail EACH DAY it’s easy to realize how the landfills are being overfilled, often with items that can be recycled. It adds 1 Billion pounds of landfill each year. So the question we need to ask ourselves is how to limit the effect of junk mail on the environment and how we can end cluttering our mailboxes.

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PaperKarma Stops Junk Mail

The new Mobile Phone App, PaperKarma, helps to limit junk mail sent to your mailbox easily. You simply need to take a picture. That’s it. They will then contact the mailer and remove you from their distribution list. If it is addressed to you PaperKarma can stop most of it.

The PaperKarma phone app is available in the Apple App Store, Android Market, and for Windows Phone.

PaperKarma Mobile Phone App Home Screen PaperKarma Mobile Phone App Take Photo of Junk Mail Screen PaperKarma Mobile Phone App Junk Mail Removal Requests Screen

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