Plant a Colorful Garden to Attract Helpful Bees and Beautiful Butterflies

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Plant a Colorful Garden to Attract Helpful Bees and Beautiful Butterflies

A lot of space isn’t really necessary to create a beautiful and rich bee and butterfly garden in your backyard. This garden plan is for an area that measures only 8 by 10 feet.

To make the new garden area more appealing to butterflies add a small fountain that will give much needed water. Flat rocks give butterflies a place to bask in the sunlight. For easier gardening and less maintenance, all of the plants in this plan from Sunset Magazine are perennials.

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Nectar-rich flowering plants encourage regular visits from monarchs, swallowtails, and other winged visitors like helpful bees. Other plants offer caterpillar offspring food to eat. This garden plan is well rounded and pretty to look at.

A colorful garden will be visited by butterflies and helpful bees.Bee and Butterfly Garden Planting Plan:

A. Trailing lantana (7 plants)

B. Aster cordifolius ‘Cape Cod’ (1 plant)

C. A. c. ‘Little Carlow’ (1 plant)

D. ‘Mönch’ aster (2 plants)

E. ‘Moonshine’ yarrow (2 plants)

F. Dwarf butterfly bush (1 plant)

G. ‘Midnight’ penstemon (2 plants)

H. ‘Sour Grapes’ penstemon (1 plant)

I. Black-eyed Susan (5 plants)

J. Pittosporum tobira (1 plant)

K. ‘White Swan’ coneflower (1 plant)

L. Asclepias ‘Silky Gold’ (4 plants)

M. Gaura lindheimeri (1 plant)

N. Asclepias tuberosa (3 plants)

O.  Leather leaf sedge (2 plants)

P. Creeping thyme (4 plants)

To save money buy trailing lantana and thyme in 4-inch pots. The other plants listed are sold in 1-gallon cans typically.

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