PlantLove Green Goddess Collection

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Red Lips. Green Conscience.

From natural and organic ingredients, to its environmentally award-winning compostable packaging, Cargo PlantLove™ lets us go green glamorously.

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Beautiful and progressive, the PlantLove™ collection by Sephora offers breathtaking colors and textures in an Earth friendly manner. By combining four eco-friendly eye shadows and two eco-friendly blushes, this 100% natural and Eco-Certified collection is sure to give your complexion a soft glow. Natural color without parabens, sythetic dyes and fragrances, sulfates, or petro-chemicals.



Shades included: Bamboo Eye Shadow (golden brown shimmer), Thyme Eye Shadow (pale golden olive shimmer), Beech Eye Shadow (peach champagne shimmer), Lily Eye Shadow (glimmering light pink), Peony Blush (shimmering apricot), and Rose Blush (matte rose).

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