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This is a guest post by Chris Taylor who is a passionate blogger, especially in the ECO-Friendly sector, with a keen eye on training and development. If you would like to write an article, please read How to Become an Author

2011 was an incredible and significant year for renewable energy all over the world. Not only did the demand for renewable energy outstrip that of any single fossil fuel but many exciting developments and more money was pledged into renewable energy than ever before. In the United States alone £260 billion was invested into the industry that is now turning the tide against a struggling world economy. Not only does this indicate a bright future for the renewable energy market but also signifies a fantastic year for 2012.

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This year alone, two fantastic ideas have been unveiled in the limelight of the media; 3D photovoltaic panels and solar windows.

3D cells work in the same way as regular ‘2D’ cells although they are stood in a kind of ‘zigzag’ pattern that is able to absorb more energy emitted by the sun. This means that incredibly the new 3D designs are able to absorb up to twenty times more energy than regular panels and are consistent throughout all weather conditions.

Another recent innovation comes from the halls of Oxford University and is a type of photovoltaic cell which rests upon the windows of buildings. This means that skyscrapers will be able to absorb and create their very own electricity supply by just being there. The positive impact upon the environment that this will have within major cities throughout the world is untold.

These products could come at no better time during the renewable energy revolution as experts predict that the demand for renewable energy will rise by 8% every single year until 2030. Countries including the United States and China are now pledging billions into solar energy and have even found themselves within their very own renewable energy race. One of the countries closer to home that have recently announced great news in the push for the environment is our very own Scotland who according to official figures, have already broken their emissions target of 2011 and now find themselves just a little bit closer of being powered 100% by renewable energy by 2020.

With the rise of such interest in renewable and solar energy, it is therefore important that the next generation of renewable energy experts and professionals are educated and trained in order for the market to continue its incredible rate of growth.

Centres across the United Kingdom are currently being set up in order to accommodate this great interest in the industry. The Ploughcroft Training Solar Renewable Centre of Excellence is one such training place where experienced roofers, electricians and plumbers can go to take the next step in their careers and invest their knowledge into the renewable energy industry. Not only do they gain fantastic skills and knowledge but many courses also provide City & Guilds qualifications as well as Corgi certified approval; looking great on the CV of any prospective candidate looking for work within the renewable energy industry.

With the continuing news of global catastrophes thanks to fossil fuel pollution and nuclear accidents, public concern is becoming ever more prevalent and educated, meaning that the demand for domestic renewable sources are growing with every new headline; because of this there has been no better time or opportunity to join the renewable energy industry. In fact with current nuclear energy concerns, future plans are being stalled due to lack of funding in the United Kingdom especially now that countries such as Germany and Italy have abolished their nuclear power after Japan’s disaster of 2011. With this in mind, more money and planning is being put into sources of renewable energy such as solar and wind power.

If you’re looking for a career change, or just want to take a step into the future, maybe it is time to start thinking about renewable energy.

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A passionate blogger, especially in the ECO-Friendly sector, with a keen eye on training and development.

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