Popular Composters, Compost Bins and Composting Accessories

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Let's take a look at what compost bins, composters and composting accessories have been popular over the last few months. The following is a compilation of the most purchased composters and composting equipment on Amazon – by gardeners and home composters.

Popular Outdoor Composting Bins

Good Ideas 7-Cubic-Foot Compost Wizard Jr., shown in black

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From enclosed bins to composting bins that roll or rotate, there are a wide variety of composters available for backyard use. They all keep your compost hidden while retaining moisture. Here are some of the most popular bins available.

  1. Envirocycle Original Composter
  2. Good Ideas 7-Cubic-Foot Compost Wizard Jr.
  3. Envirocycle Mini Composter
  4. Tumbleweed 200003 58-Gallon Rotating Compost Bin
  5. Soilsaver Classic Composter
  6. Lifetime 60058 75-Gallon Compost Tumbler
  7. Fiskars 5705 75-Gallon Eco Bin Collapsible Composter

Popular Indoor Compost Bins

SCD Probiotics K101 All Seasons Indoor Compost Kit, Black Bucket/Bokashi

With many homeowners selling and moving into rentals, indoor compost bins are becoming more popular. From the versatile Bokashi composters to the NatureMill automatic compost bin, there are composting options available for renters and apartment dwellers. Also see the worm composting bins available.

  1. SCD Probiotics K101 All Seasons Indoor Composter Kit, Bokashi
  2. NatureMill Composter PRO

Popular Compost Pails and Crocks

Norpo 1 Gallon Stainless Steel Compost Keeper

Many compost crocks use carbon filters to keep that garbage smell under control. They are small enough to fit on your kitchen counter and can store food scraps until transferred to your composter.

  1. OXO Good Grips Compost Bin
  2. Exaco Trading ECO-2000 2.4 Gallon Kitchen Compost Waste Collector
  3. Norpro 1 Gallon Ceramic Compost Keeper
  4. Norpo Grip EZ Stainless Steel Compost Keeper
  5. Norpro 1 Gallon Stainless Steel Compost Keeper 
  6. RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel 0.5 Gallon Mini Compost Pail
  7. Clean Air Distributing 2552 1-Gallon Stainless Steel Counter Top Compost Pail

Popular Worm Bin Composters

Worm Factory DS3GT 3-Tray Worm Composter, shown in green

Stacked bins for worm composters allow the worms to work on one section at a time, allowing you to remove fresh compost. The bins are rotated as the worms work their way up through each section.

  1. Worm Factory DS3GT 3-Tray Worm Composter
  2. Worm Factory 360 WF360B Worm Composter

Popular Compost Accessories

Yard Butler CA-36 Compost Aerator

Tools to help you aerate your compost to coconut fiber bricks to biodegradable liners for your compost pails, these gadgets and enhancements will make composting faster and easier. Here are a few of the most popular compost accessories. 

  1. Yard Butler CA-36 Compost Aerator
  2. Norpro Degradable Compost Bags
  3. Eco-co Coir Bricks
  4. ​Natural Catch Fruit Fly Control Trap
  5. ​Compost Thermometer
  6. ​Red Wiggler Worms

Popular Composting Books 

Learn how to get started composting, from building your compost bin to maintenance. These books are the most popular reading materials to teach how to turn household food and yard waste into nutrient-rich compost for your garden.

  1. Let it Rot!: The Gardener's Guide to Composting (Third Edition) by Stu CampbellLet it Rot!: The Gardener's Guide to Composting (Third Edition)
  2. Worms Eat My Garbage: How to Set Up and Maintain a Worm Composting System
  3. The Complete Compost Gardening Guide: Banner batches, grow heaps, comforter compost, and other amazing techniques for saving time and money, and… most flavorful, nutritious vegetables ever.
  4. The Humanure Handbook: A Guide to Composting Human Manure, Third Edition
  5. The Rodale Book of Composting: Easy Methods for Every Gardener
  6. Holy Shit: Managing Manure to Save Mankind

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