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Women’s scarves have always been around in various forms. Today’s scarf started out with the Ancient Romans as a tool to keep warm and keep clean. They were originally worn by men around their neck or tied to their belt. Soon women started using scarves, which were made of cloth. Today the scarf is a fashionable trend among women.

One of the delicate patterns hand created out of 100% quality Thai silk.

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Presently, women have a large variety of scarves to choose from beginning from simple cotton to the more luxurious silk. Simple colors to intricate designs are vastly available and many are reasonably priced. Among the custom silk scarf makers, the scarves available at SilkScarfShawls.com use only the finest Thai silk and every scarf is handmade.
Did you know that silk scarves were originally used by pilots in early aircraft to keep the exhaust out of their mouths?

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