Quick and Easy Recycling Bottle Caps Project

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Quick and Easy Recycling Bottle Caps Project

More than 2.4 billion pounds of plastic bottles were recycled in 2008. Although the amount of plastic bottles recycled in the U.S. has grown every year since 1990, the actual recycling rate remains steady at around 27 percent. [Source: Earth911.org]

Unfortunately, the plastic bottle cap is more difficult to recycle than the actual bottle.

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Thanks to Ellen Goldberg and Kiwi Magazine, here is a fun and creative way to recycle those pesky bottle caps.

You’ll need to collect bottle caps and magazines. You’ll probably need to buy some self-adhesive magnetic tape at your local craft store. The other two items most people have at home, scissors and a nontoxic glue stick.

Now it’s time to grab the kids and have some fun.

Look through your magazines and cut out bold, colorful letters to fit inside each cap. If you want enough for every letter of the alphabet you’ll need 26 bottle caps. Try to have extra letters if your child has double letters.

Glue these letters inside the bottle caps and attach some self-adhesive magnetic tape to the back. Start having some magnet fun on your fridge.

For more detailed directions head over to Kiwi Magazine’s The ABC’s of Recycling.

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